Your privacy matters

This privacy policy sets out how GDPR Readiness Survey uses and protects the information that you give GDPR Readiness Survey when visiting the web site. All information is provided voluntarily without any form of compensation or exchange for goods or services with the single purpose for GDPR Readiness Survey to understand how well businesses are prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what are shortcomings in information gathering.

1. General privacy declaration

We, GDPR Readiness Survey, herby declare that we will protect and saveguard all information you provide us. We will use the information solely internally and will not disclose this data with third-parties. Your personal details are soley for the purpose to contact you to follow up on questions or interests in regards of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We, GDPR Readiness Survey, will however aggregate all the data and create statistical, anonimized analysis from it that will be published on this site with the purpose to inform others about the status of GDPR Readiness.

If at one point you require on-site consultancy the business is being provided by in2it, the company that has set up GDPR Readiness Survey.

2. What information do we collect and why?

We, GDPR Readiness Survey, collect anonimized data in the form of answers you provide while participating in our survey. The only exception is when you voluntarily and explicitly provide us your contact details with the sole purpose to contact you.

3. How do we store your data?

All information (survey answers and personal) is stored in an RDBMS that's running on a server with encrypted datadisks. Communication between the web application and the RDBMS database server is encrypted using SSL certificates and connection to the database is only allowed by the web application. This ensures only our web application has access to the information .

Access to the data is restricted and only accessible through a secure connection in the data center where the physical machine is hoted.

4. Why do we use cookies?

We, GDPR Readiness Survey, use cookies to enhance the user experience, register your acception or rejection of our cookie policy and to assist you going through the survey. The following 2 cookies will be set:


This cookie confirms that you have accepted our cookie policy. Since we don't have you authenticated or have any other forms of ensuring you have read our cookie policy and accepted or rejected our cookie policy. This cookie has a lifetime of one year.


This cookie is only used for the session you currently have with us. This cookie expires automatically and will not be stored long term on your computer. This cookie allows you to go from one page to another without loosing the state of your progress.

5. Do I need to accept cookies?

No, you don't need to accept our cookies but you will be taken to a separate page where all questions are on a single page. Technically and functional everything will keep on working, only the user experience is less than when using cookies.

6. Third-party dependency

For the operation of this website we are depending on a couple of third-party service providers. The following list will indicate each actor's role and location:

1. Hosting

This website would not exist if we didn't had hosting provided for it. This site is hosted at Time4VPS with their data centers in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Please read their Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy to understand what they do to protect your privacy.

2. Newsletter

To assist us communicating with the outside world, we're relying on Mailchimp and their expert knowledge in the field of email marketing and communications.

MailChimp is compliant with the EU/US and Swiss Safe Harbor framework and we, in2it, have a signed service contract with MailChimp to ensure that both parties are compliant with the current and future regulations to protect your privacy.

3. Mail communication

For normal communication within in2it we're making use of Google G Suite, a professional cloud service for businesses provided by Google. They provide a full disclosure on how how Google handles your data.