Terms and conditions

1. Purpose of this website

This website, GDPR Readiness Survey has as single purpose to gain insights into the readiness of businesses in regards to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Commission (EC) in May 2018. To gain this insight we need to ask individuals to answer questions posed in the survey this site hosts.

GDPR Readiness Survey was created and is being maintained by in2it and is hosted in within the European Union. This website is build with PHP and applies all advanced filtering, validation and security this technology provides.

2. Your voluntarily input

Providing feedback is totally voluntarily. Participating in this survey doesn't claim rights to receive products, services or any form of financial compensation.

3. Your rights to your created content

The answers you provide to us in the survey are anonimized and don't point to your personal information. We use your answers to our questions to analyze the current status of businesses being ready for the GDPR. Since we don't track who entered what information, we cannot revoke your specific answers. By participating in the survey you waiver any rights to the data you created, with the exception of your personal information you voluntarily but explicit share with us.

4. Your rights to be forgotten

In anticipation of the GDPR we offer the ability to be forgotten. This means you can request us all the data we have collected about your person and ask us to remove all references that can identify you as an individual.

All data is anonymized except the information you have voluntarily given to us with the explicit permission to use this data to contact you. We register these explicit permissions with your account so you can always find out when you have granted us your permission to contact you.

5. Our responsibilities

We take our responsibilities very seriously. The answers you provide with us are anonymized and provide no value for others except for us as we use your answers to analyze the current market and offer better services to our customers.

The personal information you share with us is filtered (sanitized), validated for correctnes and is only kept until May 25, 2018 when the GDPR will become the law. If you wish to be forgotten or you want to access the information we have collected of your persona, please contact [email protected]. We're more than happy to help you out.

6. Your privacy is our concern

Please read carefully our privacy statement as it contains detailed information what data is kept and how it's being processed. This information will gurantee the safekeeping of your personal information as the answers you provided in our survey.